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Sandy's Gourmet Productions
About Us

"Sandy deserves a medal.
She catered our wedding party for a full seven days and has a wonderful mixture of charm, professionalism, informality..."

Sean and Tanyia Kandohla-Mullens,
Tiburon, CA.



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Sandy’s Gourmet Productions was born out of a desire to provide gourmet personalized cuisine for a specialized market in Hawaii, where Sandy resided from the Spring of 1992 to the Spring of 2002. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, Sandy went to Hawaii for a ‘vacation’, planning to return to the Bay Area and pursue a graduate degree in Public Health... but her love of being in the kitchen and playing with food took over... Her style of cooking is all her own with bits of exotic Pacific Rim here and California Cuisine there, and always a sense of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients as a starting point. Returning to the San Francisco Bay Area in the Winter of 2002, Sandy has expanded her lifelong interest in health to include Seasonal Cooking Classes, Workshops, and Nutrition Consulting.

Sandy’s clients are as diverse as high profile celebrities, business and marketing industry leaders, health retreat leaders, to families’ special gatherings. Through this experience Sandy has learned how to be discreet, professional and sensitive to her clients’ needs. An awareness that every situation requires an assessment of expectations and atmosphere is one of the special gifts that she brings to her work.

Her goals are to provide services that delight the palate, eye, and heart using the freshest seasonal and local ingredients available, and to provide support and information to individuals seeking to experience more joy and wellness in their lives. Her guiding principles are to support organic food production, small farms, sustainable agriculture, and ultimately the health of the environment and ourselves.

Sandy is an active member of The National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), Slow Food USA, and The Weston A. Price Foundation in San Francisco, CA, and regularly attends professional nutritional seminars from companies such as Designs for Health, Standard Process, Metagenics, NANP annual conferences, and others. Sandy is also a member of ‘The Society for Designs for Health Nutritionists.’

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