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Sandy's presentation and cuisine
is as exquisite as she is.
Patricia Schlapp
Interior Designer



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Seasonal Cooking Class Series

In need of ideas or inspiration?
Want to improve overall health?
Uncertain where to start with all
those farm fresh veggies?
Want to learn ways to make cooking
healthy accessible and easy for you?

Fall/Winter Class:
Learn what to do with all those fabulous winter squashes and how to make savory, satisfying winter stews and soups using homemade stock. Recipes and items used in classes will vary.

Spring/Summer Class:
Learn how to make healthful Salads using a variety of greens, nuts and seeds, legumes and herbs, fresh citrus and other healthy vinaigrettes, smoothies with coconut and other healthful ingredients, and ferment your own Kombucha. Other fermentation courses offered as well.

Basic Home Cooking Skills 101:
Don't know how to best make use of your time shopping, planning, prepping and cooking in your own kitchen? Need to know what utensils, cooking implements, ingredients and pantry items to buy? Where to go to get them? What to do once you have them? Want to learn to cook with whole foods and ingredients but unsure where to start? This is your class.

We will discuss nutritional benefits of foods. You will receive healthy and insightful ideas about cooking and nutrition. Learn tips to make food preparation fast and easy.This is an information filled class for those who are interested in learning as much as possible about the healthful benefits of foods and how to prepare them.

Classes are taught on weekends from 10 - 2pm in San Francisco. Personalized classes are also offered in clients' homes at discounted rates with 5 or more people attending.

For more information visit our menu page.

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Links to important information regarding organic, sustainable food production, health related topics and actions you can take to support these efforts are listed below. I believe that we make a very strong message when we 'vote with our dollars'. That is the power we as individuals have in this country, our power as consumers is much greater than we may think at times. There is something that you and I can do. I hope you will join me and get involved.

Find a CSA (community supported agriculture), or box produce delivery in your area here. Get informed and active about all issues relating to organic farming and issues related to the environment. One of the best sites I've found for a broad range of issues.

Find a farmers market near you. Also explains what farmer’s markets are, and has other relevant information.

Rima Laibow, M.D.'s site about Codex Alimentarius and what you can do to stop it. Codex could eliminate our right to use supplements such as over-the counter herbs and vitamins. Get involved, sign the citizens’ petition now.

The grassroots network of actions to take from the Center for Food Safety. Focused on genetically engineered food actions. Did you know that the EU has completely banned all GMO products and their usage? Major corporations do not use GMO products to sell their products in Europe, but DO use them for sale in the US, all because our government (the FDA and EPA), have allowed this without any testing on them at all. Please learn about this issue today and what you can do.

This is an excellent documentary from Deborah Koons-Garcia with information about GMO farming and what you can do about this issue. GMO cross-contamination into other crops, for example, organic crops, is a serious threat to our right to non-GMO, and healthful produce.

This is the site for the American Lung Association. Great information about controlling both indoor and outdoor exposure to allergens, pollution and toxins. They have a 'green cleaning' alternative to chemical cleaning products that gives recipes and instructions on how to make your own 'green' household cleaning products in a brochure you can download

This is the site for Al Gore’s film on global warming, ‘An Inconvenient Truth”. Watch the trailor for it on this site. The site also has an action list of things we can all do right now, today to help to stop global warming. Things like switching to low energy light bulbs, and shopping organic and locally! Check it out.

Take action on several important environmental issues of the day here.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s site, Natural Resource Defense Council. Very informative with many actions to take. He informs the public about environmental hazards of chemicals and toxins in the environment, amongst other things.

For Article: "A single nutrition counseling session with a registered dietitian improves short-term clinical outcomes for rural Kentucky patients with chronic diseases.

Why should you buy locally? How many miles does your food travel to get to your table?

Please visit this web site to find out the ugly truth about fluoride in our water supply.

Did you know that fluoride was used previously by the medical profession for hyperthyroidism to slow thyroid function? Could it be why we see such a huge number of people becoming hypothyroid today? At the very least, fluoridation of the water supply is mass medication without consent. Find out more at the link above. Sign the petition, take action.

Union of Concerned Scientists web site with lots of information. For ‘Green tips’ see this link:http://www.ucsusa.org/publications/greentips/

"Some people see things as they are and say, why?
I see things that never were, and say, why not?"

~Robert. F. Kennedy